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This is a role-playing journal for the character Palom from the video game, Final Fantasy IV, currently not played anywhere.  It is maintained by [personal profile] wightknight.  If there are any general thoughts or criticisms towards the way I handle this character, please feel free to drop a tag in this post.  Anonymous commenting is turned on and comments will be screened.

Alternatively, you may reach me through AIM (DLWriter7) or email ( Thanks!


Oct. 24th, 2011 05:21 pm
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1%: Scene of Palom and Porom being taught magic by the Elder of Mysidia.  [gift from Joachim]
1%: Family Life - Absent parents, Elder as surrogate [activity check 10/7-10/20]
5%: General information pertaining to Mysidia, black and white magic, and mages [blizzard and christmas gifts]

1%: Fire  [gift from Yuri Petrov]
1%: Blizzard [apple picking]
1%: Thunder [apple picking]
1%: Sleep [halloween costume]
1%: Poison [halloween costume swap]
1%: Pig [gingerbread house log]
1%: Blizzara [activity check 10/21 - 11/3]
1%: Thundara [activity check 11/4 - 11/17]
1%: Fira [blue oni log]
1%: Break [blue oni log]
1%: Bio [blue oni log]
1%: Toad [activity check 11/18 - 12/1]
1%: Warp [activity check 12/2 - 12/16]

1% Activity Check 12/17 - 1/22
1% Activity Check 1/23 - 2/5
1% Activity Check 2/6 - 2/19
1% Activity Check 2/20 - 3/4
2% Green Goo Event
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If you are a member of [ profile] mayfield_rpg, please remove this journal as it is being used for a different game. All entries underneath this are for [ profile] mayfield_rpg. All future entries will be information in regards to [ profile] anemoi_rp. Thanks very much!
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The following is a listing of Palom's regains after events, his important possessions including those picked up over the course of the plot, and his character relationships with family members and friends.  If your character is not listed here but would like to be, or if you would like the description of the CR to be changed, please feel free to email me at or send me a PM.

Regains: Black Magic )
Regains: Possessions )
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A brief prologue )
[While, or perhaps after Mia drowns her sorrows with a nice glass of wine, someone else is busy venting displeasure a different way.  Near to midnight, a massive fireball suddenly lights up the sky as it smashes through a window and ascends upwards at an angle.  Along for the ride is one very charred, overdone blonde drone.  Briefly, a young boy's face appears through the hole in the wall with a tear-streaked expression of horror before it vanishes.  About five minutes later, the boy is in the front yard, kneeling by the body, reaching out and shaking it every so often through his tears.]

Shiraa . . . C'mon, Shiraa.  Get up.  ......... Get up.  You've been here so long, you . . . you can't .............. y-y-you're not allowed to ... ! ..........

[A long while later.]

I hate this place.

[click.  .....unclick]

If you break your house after midnight, do you have to wait until the next day-next day for real for it to be fixed?
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[Oh, gosh.  How adorable.  Today, there is what looks almost like a lemonade stand set up outside 1448 Mitchell Road, complete with smiling, cherubic face shining forth underneath a large sign that reads . . . um.


Whoever passes by will be treated to a little boy shouting:]

Heyyyy!  Hey, you!  Wouldn't life be a lot more fun with magic in it?  You've always dreamed of being able to cast awesome spells, right?!  Well!  Now you've got the chance to get the next best thing!  Me following you around for a week!

[He will beam.]

[voice, after a long day of what's probably a series of disappointments]
Sheesh.  None of you appreciate me.  There must be someone else in this dumb town who's a mage.  Black mages?  Anyone in town?  Any magic at all?

. . . Not you, Relm, delusions of grandeur don't count. 
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[backdated to the days after Christmas]

All my magic!  It's back!  I've got it all back!  I can't believe it!  Watch, watch!  I told you all I was the greatest black mage in the world, and now I'll prove it!  Just step outside and take a look!

Quake: The road suddenly splits wide open as a massive earthquake strikes.  Strangely, nothing is affected but the main road.
Blizzaga: A humongous blizzard appears out of nowhere to descend on your character.  Snow, hail, high winds, the works.
Tornado: The cyclone touches down inches away.  Trees, shrubs, rocks, cars go spiraling away into the storm, but it never quite gathers enough lift to suck your character away.
Flare: Heat and light that seems as intense as the sun scorches from overhead.  It's enough to melt all the snow within a ten foot radius.
Toad: Oops.  You're a frog.

[action, present]
There is a very lovely, oddly large, blossoming plant in the center of the park.  Beside it, a set of robes and a staff seems to have been discarded by some careless individual . . .

[Please indicate the magic scenario by the spell name, 'phone' in response to his original message, or 'action' in response to his plant transformation.]
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[phone, public]
...........the best ..... ever!  Mia, Shiraasan, Canada, come over here and look!  Where are you guys?!  Look, it's trying to pick up the knife, this is so cool, it's like a zombie turkey or something does anyone have like that thing that freezes moments in time so we can look at this again late -- Whoa!  H-Hey, stop -- No, put that down hey no not -- OOOOOWWW how the YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE LIMBS STOP THAT.

DO YOU REMEMBER HOW WE SAID I COULD ONLY BLOW UP THE HOUSE ONCE EVERY FEW WEEKS or so and only when I really had to please please please i really want to blowuptheturkeyitkeepstryin.....

[The voice fades away.  Palom will take calls about his homicidal turkey after a massive explosion resounds through the telephone, though.]
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[They had come so quickly.
The house is littered with Palom's last stand: statues, frogs, solid blocks of ice encasing two or three hazmats that still hadn't melted despite the passing of an entire night.  Mia and Canada couldn't defend against them.  Shiraasan had just shot them full of holes and released the gas into the air.  In the end . . . it had been up to him.

He had failed.  They hadn't stopped.  Over and over and over like a flood, until he was casting spells despite his negative MP, until he was backed into a corner beside the bodies of his family, until a swing of an axe had taken off his head.

There were a few moments when he could still see despite his separation from the rest of his body.  That would have been interesting.  If he hadn't been dead.]

 . . . . . . . .

You . . .  You stupid, selfish. . . !  I don't care how much you all want to die!  I don't care!  Burn!  That's fine!  I'll set you on fire!  But don't decide things for the rest of us!  I . . . I . . .

I hate this place!


[The phone call concludes with the phone being left hanging by the hook.  Sobbing and incoherent screaming can be heard, as are the sounds of rock shattering and frogs croaking in agony as they're crushed mercilessly.]

Sis . . . Porom . . . !
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[Rise and shine, Mia, Canada, Shiraasan, Kumajiro!  It is 7:00 in the morning and you have all just been woken by the most obnoxious screaming you've ever heard in your life.  Thankfully, Palom is not a selfish person, and he knows the drill.  He's on the phone to share the joy in less than five minutes.]


This blows!  Who the heck dares to kidnap Palom the Great twice?!  You're just asking for a fireball up the wazoo, Grody!  You hear me!?  The wazoo.  That means your butt!

 . . .

Hey . . . !  Hey, I've still got some of my sp -- Er. . ..... Oops.

[There is the sound of crackling flames and then sketchy static.]
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[private, hackable to family and friends]
Sis . . .

You remember?  When we were younger . . . Back when I first learned to walk.  I'd almost got the hang of it, but I just couldn't stop myself from tumbling over and crashing into things all the time -- Of course, you'd managed it perfectly already.  And even then, you'd already honed your 'Stop that Palom!' expression down to an art.  But you held my hand.  You didn't let me give up.  So we did it . . . together.  We've always done everything together . . . And you promised you would always be with me.  I promised you the same thing.

So how . . . How am I supposed to manage this by myself, sis?  How?

 . . .  You've gotta come back.  P-Please . . . I can't.  I can't do this alone.  I can't!  It's too hard.  It's just too hard . . . Oh, sis!  Why?!  It's not fair . . . We're not supposed to go solo.  Neither of us . . . We're not meant to be alone.  We're twins.  Black and white, night and day, yin and yang!  Snap out of it, Porom!  Wake up!  Stop saying those things!  You can't do this to me; you can't you can't you can't you can't you can't!

Porom!  Porom Porom Porom don't leave . . . Don't leave . . .

Don't leave me alone, sis . . .

((Those in the park about an hour after this phone conversation would do well to avoid the little boy throwing a huge tantrum.))
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So who got some awesome stuff back?! Check it out -- My mage robes! Wow, it feels good to finally get to wear something normal. Or well. Something way cooler than stupid Relm's clothes, anyway. If I'd only gotten them back before Halloween, I definitely could've spared you a lot of time making a costume, Mia.

It looks like everything turned out fine after all, so it's a good thing we all voted when we did. I checked around outside and the weather looks the way it always did before this stuff happened. And even the plants in the yard have recovered; the house has been totally repaired even though the ceiling was starting to melt through. I heard this was called acid rain -- It sounds like a cool spell to learn, but I don't know what you guys do to your worlds to make this stuff happen naturally.

Anyway, I'm hungry. You promised pancakes the morning after everything was over, Canada, but I'm kinda bored of waiting for you to wake up. I'm just gonna make some eggs and hot chocolate. Fresh milk's just been dropped off.


((Because it's Palom's fault that his house is getting poisoned milk, it's only fair that he suffers the consequences, right? Unless someone warns him in the first three comments posted, he'll be ingesting poison. If that happens, this entry will receive an edit and all comments afterward should be in response to it.))
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Halloween! Best thing ever! Costumes! Candy!

. . . . . . . So, um. What, exactly, is Halloween?

[filtered to Mia, open to Canada, Shiraasan, Jigglypuff, Kyon, Porom]
So I talked to Relm, and she was like, totally immature about it.  Said she would handle everything herself and that she was the one who would save Jill from this guy -- His name is "Albert Wesker" -- and to butt out.  You should really have a talk with her about her attitude, Mia.  And send her to her room without dessert.

I told her brother that he was welcome to come stay with us for a while, too, but I don't know how he feels about it. 

[filtered to Porom]
Sis, pay more attention to the phone in the next few days, OK?  I don't know if Mia'll want to do anything, but if there's gonna be a fight, I definitely want you close by.  We'll show this Wesker guy not to mess with our friends.

((Let's assume that Palom had his candy rightfully confiscated by Mia so he hasn't scarfed it all down yet.))

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[filtered to absolutely no one]

. . . You on the phone yet? Your presence is hereby requested at 1448 Mitchell Road.  You can bring your fake brother, too.

[To Mia, Canada, Shiraasan, Jigglypuff]
I figure if she's stuck in that house with a doppelganger, she could crash at our place for a while.  You guys OK with that?
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[Palom had been one of those who had refused to take the vaccine. Actually, he'd hid in a cupboard until the creepy guys in the weird suits had gone away, and of course, 10 seconds later, he'd come down with the Chinese purple death or whatever it was called. Being a little kid, it had hit him rather hard, though he'd tried not to make a big deal out of it. Strangely, though, he hadn't recovered when the others had -- As a matter of fact, he lapsed into a sleep that lasted for about two weeks. Decidedly odd. The first thing he did when he finally woke up was to take a glance at the calendar.]

Urgh . . . Shiraasan?  Canada?  Mia?  Huh.  Where is everyone?

 . . . . . .

They didn't . . . They didn't all . . .

[He rushes to the phone, unaware that his family is at the hospital with Mia.]


Sis, you're still there, right? It's been a really long time . . . That Asian flu thing . . . It really wiped me out.  Please . . . Please don't say you're gone . . . Porom?!
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[action post]
Like many of the others, he'd received a favor from the mayor recently -- But for some odd reason, he'd hesitated until a few days ago to actually go to the store and check it out.  The item was definitely a bit strange.  A single piece of paper, with only a single word written on it.  Twincast.  To anyone else, it would have meant nothing.  But the moment Palom had read that piece of paper, it was as if he'd suddenly become more . . . complete.  As if there had been a gap somewhere that had gone unnoticed until it was actually filled.

If Mayfield worked anything like he thought it would, there was one other person who had received the exact same favor.  He'd asked her to come over that afternoon, but he couldn't wait any longer.  9:00 sharp, Palom was knocking on the door of 772 Bunker.

((No need to respond in log form.))

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[filtered to children under 13 or mentally thereabouts, including that stupid stinky Relm]

Hear ye, hear ye!

I call to order the first meeting of the Kids Escaping Mayfield Society!   (See, KEMS actually is pronounce-able whereas KEMC sort of begs for a vowel somewhere and KEMF just sounds awkward.)  Some of you may have noticed me going around collecting last week -- I would have distributed stuff earlier, but Mia had an accident and there was a lot of ruckus going around.  Anyway.  Just so you guys don't think I was trying to keep it all for myself.

See, I hadn't actually thought about this much before I went around collecting, but I realized, we really can do something.  We're kids, you see.  And we all know what that means.  We play in the backyard while the adults do their adults thing, we sit in the corner doodling while the adults talk about their adult things, we make friendly with the mayor because Kids Are Innocent and like talking to everyone.  You guys get my drift?  No one pays attention to what we do.  We're kids!  Simon had the right idea, but he was too obvious about it.  This won't take any effort at all.  Just everyone do what they normally do, but keep an eye and ear out anything interesting.  Play hide and seek outside the city hall.  Tell Chief Grady that you're writing an essay on the person you admire most and he's just so cool.  Listen in when your parents talk on the phone.  It's easy!  But make sure you always have a good excuse to justify what you're doing.  Or if you don't, make sure you can act.

So if you guys are up for it, we can talk more at my house.  The excuse -- You're coming around for the candy I collected.  And it's not gonna be an excuse, I counted, there's at least 6 pieces for everyone with some fruit, cake, and muffins on the side.  And even if you're not up for it, come around for the candy anyway.  I'll probably be waiting outside, but just knock if I'm not in the yard.

[filtered to Porom]
So, sis . . . What do you think?
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Hmmmmmmmmm.  If it worked for her . . . . . . .

[Knock knock knock! Palom is at YOUR door! No, it doesn't matter who you are or where you live.  Unless you're Crazy Scarf-Eye-Killy Person.  And Crazy Maya-Hating Person.  And even that woman who killed Crazy Maya-Hating Person.  Asura, Matt Engarde, and Sakuya's houses will be skipped.]

Hiya! My name is Palom, and it's a real pleasure to meet you even if I've already met you before and even if I'm lying out of my teeth. I'm going door-to-door collecting delicious sweets, candies, and pastries to assist the children of the neighborhood in their heroic work to turn into sugar crazed addicts escape this town.

Would you have any such things you wouldn't mind parting with? Anything would be a great help!  Urgh, how does she manage to get that heart hanging over her head?  I'm gonna have to settle with a   Lalalala~ Hearts and flowers ~ La ~

[Do you have the heart to say 'no' to this excruciatingly sort-of adorable boy?]

((With sincere apologies to Hustino.))
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Uhh . . . uhh . . .

I know this sounds like a really bad idea, but the doctor was saying earlier about how we should rest and conserve our energy because we don't know how long it would take before they decided to bring the food back, but I can understand if it still sounds horrible.  But, umm.  It's been three or four days now (I don't remember) and it doesn't look like they're any closer to letting us off the hook.  So if anyone is really, really suffering or anything and you just want to rest for a while, I can put you to sleep for a bit.  A day.  A week.  However long you want, really, so long as you don't struggle against it.  And whenever you do want to wake up, you can just sort of fight it off since it's magic sleep, and I think you'll know you're sleeping in your dreams, but I'm not too sure, but most of the bad guys I've put to sleep wake up in about ten minutes so it shouldn't be too hard.  And even if you can't fight it off, I promise I'll remember and come wake you up when it's all over.

Anyway.  It's just a thought.  It's not like a coma or anything.
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[An action post]

Palom stood in front of the grocery store, his face pressed up tightly against the glass.  It would not have been entirely out of character for him to merely salivate and stare, dreams of ice cream and sweets fluttering through his mind.  But no.  Other thoughts were occupying the boy's head.  Namely: was it worth it to try?  If he succeeded, he'd be a hero.  That was provided that the food was actually real, of course, and not some sort of projected illusion like the weird little guy's stand.  And if he didn't succeed, the worst thing that could happen would be the so-called brainwashing.  A day, two days.  Didn't really matter.  At least he wouldn't be hungry then.  And maybe he could even have a go at roasting ol' Grady in his own fats; so far as he knew, nobody with his sort of abilities had gone up against the policeman before.

In the end, it didn't really matter.  He'd come here knowing that he was gonna try.  No point in second guessing himself.  Best mage in Mysidia!, he mentally cried out.  You helped save the world!  C'mon, let's go for it!

The circle of magic was already beginning to glow under his feet.  Palom would've felt a lot more certain if he'd had Blizzaga or Quake, but the thing about the simpler spells was his intimate familiarity with every aspect of the casting.  When he summoned Fire, he knew exactly the path that the magic would take, flowing through his body, knew the blaze of power that would cause a momentary blindness, knew the glow of the runes etching themselves into the ground only to vanish without a trace.  The boy spread his hands wide as he aimed the magic straight at the window panes, a silent stream of intense heat and fiery plasma that soon had the glass glowing red hot.  Seamlessly, he switched to a different incantation, replacing the fire with a gust of sub-zero wind -- the hope was that alternating heat and cold would eventually cause the glass to collapse.  Hopefully sometime before he did.

[You're welcome to notice, of course.  I expect his efforts will all be for nothing.]
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